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Use Kúla's software to correct distortion

When using Kúla Deeper or Kúla bebe to capture stereoscopic images, the resulting stereopair is distorted. You may not notice the distortion, or it may be obvious and feel uncomfortable. The distortion is mainly caused by the mirror setup (keystone effect) and the camera lens. Fortunately you can use Kúla's software to process the pictures and it automatically corrects the distortion. After this you can export the pictures and use in other photo applications.

We recommend:

  • Use the KúlaScope app when capturing stereoimages with Kúla bebe

  • Use KúlaScope to import and export Kúla bebe and Kúla Deeper pictures

  • Use KúlaCode to process videos until video processing is enabled in KúlaScope.

Press the import button, then indicate if you are importing a Kúla bebe, Kúla Deeper or a regular stereoimage.


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