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Kúla Bebe

3D lens for smartphones; iPhone and Android.


Add depth to your photos

Kúla Bebe is for stereoscopic 3D photography which is all you need for adding depth to your images ad videos. The right and the left perspective are captured in one image and the KúlaScope app v. 1.0 will convert it to any 3D format for viewing with anything ranging from VR glasses to the old school anaglyph format.


    Included in the package: 

    • Kúla Bebe 3D lens for smartphones
    • Clip that fits all phones
    • Kúla's CinemaBox - a stereoviewer for phone
    • Anaglyph glasses
    • Microfiber pouch


    How to use: 

    • Clip Kúla Bebe to the phone's camera lens
    • Capture stereoscopic 3D images and videos
    • Put your phone into the CinemaBox and view in 3D right away!


    Kúla Bebe mounting plate for iPhone 7 and iPhone 8

    The plate provides a great stability for Kúla Bebe on the phone. 



    • Orders are processed daily by 15:00 GMT. 
    • Cost efficient shipping taking 1-4 weeks.



    • High quality mirrors with reflection coefficient R>95%
    • Stereo-base: ~4cm
    • Optimal 3D range: 2-20m


    Nordic design ~ Made in Iceland


    Get a full refund within 30 days from delivery. You might be charged VAT on delivery.

    Kúla Bebe and Kúla Mount for iPhone 7/8

    49,00€ Regular Price
    34,00€Sale Price
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