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Snap 3D is a viewer case to view 3D pictures and videos with your smartphone. 

  • Users can enjoy 3D contents without 3D glasses.
  • The premium quality of 3D contents is provided by screen stabilization based on tracking user’s viewing position.
  • Made with thin (0.5mm) PC material, providing outstanding touch screen.
  • Made with TPU shock resistant material for protecting the smartphone.
  • Designed to fit on both the front and the back of the device.
  • We recommend you to apply the Snap3D to the screen only when you watch 3D content, otherwise place it on the back to use it as a protective case.



  • Do not use a glass protector with the Snap3D


Included in the package

  • 3d screen, protective case


Handling Precautions

  • Removing/attaching Snap3D with improper force may cause damage.
  • If the surface is dirty, wipe it with a soft cloth. Do not use detergent.
  • The lens is not anti-scratch. Please be caref