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Kúla 3D Ltd.

Innovation House, Eiðistorgi 13-15

170 Seltjarnarnes


Email: kula @ kula3d.com

Tel. +354 6995271

Company registration number: 520815-0660

VAT number: 121477

Instagram: @kula3d

Twitter: @kula3d

Facebook: /kula3d

The Kúla Team

Kúla is an Icelandic startup company, founded by electrical engineer Íris Ólafsdóttir and has been funded by the Icelandic Technology Development fund for the past 6 years.


Kúla's vision is to bring 3D photography to anyone. We think the precious memories of people should be captured in 3D, using existing camera equipment. That's why we are making 3D lenses for phones and DSLR camera with accompaning software.

Board members:

Sigurður Ingi Sveinsson, computer scientist, PFM Core at Meniga

Íris Ólafsdóttir, electrical engineer, founder of Kúla 3D

Hermann Kristjánsson, electrical engineer, founder of Vaki and 9 more companies

Advisory board:

Össur Kristinsson, founder of Össur hf. and 14 more companies

Ari Jóhannesson, co-founder and CTO of Kolibri

Kúla 3D


Eiðistorgi 13-15

170 Reykjavík


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