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A Few Tips on

3D Photography


Get started making your own 3D photos using different methods.


A few tips on what to keep in mind when shooting 3D


Frequently asked questions on Kúla's 3D lenses and software.

Tips & Tricks


To make an interesting 3D image it can be good to think in layers. Play with different distances, have a foreground (2-10m) and a background. Landscape images can gain increased depth by including a subject close in the foreground. You will usually get a nice 3D effect from the texture of the foreground.


Because Kúla's 3D lenses capture both images simultaneously, take a picture of moving things like humans and other animals. Water in all its forms is also particularly nice in 3D.



Remember to capture videos with your Kúla Deeper and Kúla Bebe, they bring the moment to life. For action shots you can use a stabiliser or a gimbal with Kúla Bebe on your phone (counter-weights not needed). Your own 3D videos are truly wonderful!

Alignment and tilting

Keep Kúla Bebe and Deeper horizontal. The software will make up for tilting and alignment errors as much as possible - and it is quite forgiving as the results are usually good. But for maximum results, keep Kúla Bebe at the center of the lens and horizontal.

The Great Outdoors

Mobile phone photography usually needs quite some light for sharp imagery. There is almost no loss of light in Kúla Bebe as the reflection of the aluminum glass mirrors is R>95%, but outdoors you get the sharpest pictures and videos.