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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I attach Kúla Deeper to my lens?
    Press the button with the Kúla logo down and attach Kúla Deeper to your lens.
  • Can I use my 50mm lens with Kúla Deeper?
    We recommend usinng a zoom lens as Deeper is designed for focal lengths around 37mm for a crop sensor and 45mm for a full frame sensor. The focal length is adjusted such that the stereoimage from Kúla Deeper fits into the camera frame/sensor.
  • What camera lens should I use with Kúla Deeper?
    We recommend using a non-rotating zoom lens that covers focal length around 37mm for a 2:3 crop sensor or 45mm for a full frame camera. If the diameter of the lens is Ø77mm, you will not need an adaptor. If your lens has a diameter different from Ø77mm, like Ø55mm, you'll need a step-up ring to Ø77mm, like Ø55-Ø77mm.
  • Can my Kúla Deeper fit my Canon camera?
    Yes, Kúla Deeper is for Sony, Sigma, Canon, Nikon and the rest of the gang. You simply have to choose a convenient lens, see question above.
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  • Can I use Kúla Bebe on my Samsung Galaxy S9+
    Yes you can indeed. Simply use the clip to attach Kúla Bebe to the phone lens and start shooting stereoscopic images and videos.
  • Does the KúlaScope app work on my iPhone
    Yes, Kúla Bebe and the KúlaScope app are designed for both iPhone and Android.
  • What is the output format of the 3D images and how can I view them?
    Images are stored as JPEG and videos as MP4. These files can be on different 3D formats: - Anaglyph - Top/Bottom for 3D TVs, VR devices and most 3D viewers. - Stereoscopic or side-by-side - Cross-eyed-3D where the left image is on the right half and vice versa - Wigglegram is where the image rotates arounda point continuously. The output is a gif or an mp4 for sharing on social media. To come: more advanced wiggle 3D video or gif.
  • How can I share my 3D images on social media
    This year, 2019, we'd like to provide the Facebook 3D format as an output option. The wigglegram is a very popular way to share a sense of depth, even though it is not a true 3D, see below image that was captured with Kúla's 3D lens.
  • How is Kúla Bebe attached to my iPhone?
    The general clip can be used or you can use Kúla's mounting plates. Please check our store to see the selection. Mounting plates for the iPhone X series are expected spring 2019.
  • What does the software do?
    The image processing algorithm behind Kúla's software automatically gets the best out of your image through image correction and optimisation. Then the optimised stereopair is used to export the image to your favorite 3D format.
  • I have an iPhone, how can I access the image folder?"
    You can plug your iPhone to the computer and open iTunes. There you can select your phone (the phone icon in the upper left corner to the right of the dropdown list). Then you choose File Sharing and Kúlascope. Click on the folder and press save.

Do you have a question? Please don't hesitate to ask: support@kula3d.com

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