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Kúla Deeper 3D lens for DSLR camera
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Mount Kúla Deeper to any camera lens thread for high quality stereoscopic 3D photography.

  • Use existing lens features like VR, autofocus and metering.

  • View images in 3D on the camera display using the included stereo viewer 

  • Generate any 3D format using the accompanying image processing software Kúlacode

  • Compatible with Nikon, Canon, Sony, Sigma and the rest of the gang.

A few facts about Kúla's 3D lenses:

  • 100% Synchronous. The left and the right pictures are captured precisely at the same moment in one shot, perfect for shooting lively moments.

  • High quality photos and videos. The mirrors are high precision mirrors with a reflection coefficient of R>95% at wavelengths around 400-650mm, resulting in super sharp imagery. With a decent lens or phone you get decent 3D imagery.

  • Vibration reduction, focusing and metering works as normally. 

  • Stereobase. The stereobase of Kúla Deeper, which is hyperstereoscopic, is around 10,5cm, conserving depth in quite distant objects and landscape. The stereobase for Kúla Bebe is around 4cm which is very convenient for close up portraits. 

  • Switch between 2D and 3D photography in a flash.