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thank you

so much for participating in the KúlaScope project! 

how to help

Open up the KúlaScope app, slide down to Kúla bebe mode (middle) and shoot pictures of a checkerboard - without the Kúla Bebe lens.


  • Open up this website on your computer (kula3d.com/chess)


  • Open up the checkerboard below and view full screen

  • Shoot 20 pictures with the front camera and 20 pictures with the back camera

 keep in mind

  • Shoot straight and under different angles

  • Let the checkerboard be in the center and towards edges and corners of the image and make sure the whole checkerboard is captured

  • Images have to be sharp - it helps turning up the brightness of the screen and try to prevent light reflection from the screen.


When finished, send the images to:



where are they?

  • Android: /Pictures/KulaScope/KulaScope_raw

  • iPhone: Connect your phone to iTunes, select your phone (the phone icon in the upper left corner to the right of the dropdown list). Then choose File Sharing and Kúlascope. Click on the folder and press save.

get started

View the checkerboard in full screen and

start capturing in the KúlaScope app.

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