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New 3D format

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

We at Kúla are working on a new 3D format for the KúlaScope app.

The new wigglegram we're working on shows a smooth movement between the right and the left perspectives. This makes it much more interesting for 3D photographers to share their 3D photos on social media plus it will also be possible to order 3D lenticular prints of your 3D photos. This image was captured with Kúla Deeper on a Nikon D80.

Stereoimage of Strokkur, Iceland
Stereoscopic picture captured with Kúla Deeper

The automatic image processing feature will hopefully be added to the KúlaScope app winter 2019/20. Just make sure you have some good 3D shots to process when it's there. We hope it's something you're going to love.

- The Kúla Team

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