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Kúla Bebe Stereolens for Smartphones

for capturing life in 3D



- Shoot 3D videos and photos

- For Android and iPhone.


What's icluded?

- Kúla Bebe 3D lens

- Anaglyph glasses

- Stereobox for viewing 3D on phone

- Microfiber pouch

- The KúlaScope app



Get KúlaScope on Google Play or in App Store and convert your imagery to wigglegram, anaglyph, cross-eye 3D, top-bottom 3D (for 3D TV, VR etc) and stereoscopic​


How to use

1. Clip Kúla Bebe to your phone

2. Open the KúlaScope app

3. Shoot stereoscopic 3D pictures and videos

4. Use any 3D format to view and share

5. Enjoy!



Does it work on Samsung Galaxy S20 and iPhone 11?

Answer: yes, it works on all Android and iPhone devices.



- Orders are processed daily by 15:00 GMT


If you are not satisfied with the quality of the device, you can return your Kúla Bebe for a full refund. Must be returned within 30 days from delivery.


Nordic design ~ Made in Iceland

Kúla Bebe


  • - High quality aluminum/glass mirrors

    - Reflection coefficient R > 95%

    - Stereo-base: ~4cm

    - Optimal 3D range: 2-20m

    - Digital zoom value in app ~1,2X

    - ABS plastic housing

    - POM clip for iPhone & Android

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