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Kúla Deeper stereolens for DSLR camera is sold out.

It is available at bhphotovideo.com


What's in the box?

  • Kúla Deeper 3D lens
  • 3 x anaglyph glasses
  • Stereo viewer for viewing the 3D directly on the camera display
  • Microfiber pouch & cloth
  • Software downloadable from kula3d.com/software



  • 100% synchronous - capture images of speedy things like children, pets, trains.
  • Make 3D photos and videos.
  • High precision mirrors with reflection coefficient R>95% 
  • Use your lens qualities like autofocus, metering and vibration reduction
  • Hyperstereoscopic with stereobase 10,5cm
  • View images in 3D directly on the camera display using the included stereo viewer 
  • Generate any 3D format using the accompanying image processing software Kúlacode​


How to use

  • Snap Kúla Deeper to the filter thread of your camera lens
  • Shoot stereoscopic 3D pictures and videos
  • View on the camera display or process for viewing with any other 3D method​


If you are not satisfied with the quality of the device, you can return your Kúla Deeper for a full refund. Must be returned within 30 days from delivery. 


Kúla Deeper

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