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Why Capture Your Memories In 3D?

Why Using A Colour TV?

And Why Did You Love The View Master?

The View-Master seemed like magic, remember? We would love to bring this 3D experience to you, watching your own personal pictures and videos in 3D. There is simply something about it. Maybe the fact that we have two eyes and we see the world in 3D? It's the way we perceive reality. Why wouldn't our memories be in 3D? 

Kúla's software and hardware solutions open up the world of 3D photography to anyone. 

Our 3D lenses are designed to capture two perspectives simultaneously, reflecting the left and the right eye views into the lens. The stereoscopic image/video can be viewed directly in a stereobox, stereoviewer, VR or however you like.

Kúla's software solutions optimise the imagery and convert it to different 3D formats.

If you loved the View-Master, you're going to love Kúla Bebe and Kúla Deeper


“There's something that 3D gives to the picture that takes you into another land and you stay there and it's a good place to be..."

Martin Scorcese

Why is 3D better?
"Well, because we're not a race of Cyclopes. We have two eyes. We see the world in 3D. It's the way we perceive reality."

James Cameroon




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