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How To Make 3D

Making your own 3D images is fairly easy. All you need to get started is a camera. And when you'd like to add life to your 3D images, you can go for a 3D camera or a 3D lens.

one camera

two shots

It is super easy making 3D images with a single camera. 

If the subject is not moving, you simply take a picture, move a few centimeters (or inches or thumbs) to the side, and shoot another image. These images can be combined into a stereo-image. Use Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, Oculus, a stereoscope or whatever viewer you like to view it in 3D. 

You can now use the KúlaScope app to capture 2 shots, process and convert to any 3D format. 



A 3D camera captures (of course) the left and the right images simultaneously. Some digital 3D camera also have a 3D display and export options for various 3D formats.

one camera

& a 3d lens

A 3D lens such as Kúla Deeper and Kúla Bebe projects two images side-by-side into the camera lens. It means you can both capture 3D images and videos. The output is a stereoscopic image or video that can be converted to any 3D format using KúlaCode (Win & Mac) or KúlaScope (iPhone & Android).


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